Looking for beauty.

Today was a beautiful day in Lima, Peru.

Lima is a typical bustling city with bumper to bumper traffic, people selling fruit on the street corner and buses jam pack with people headed to work. But, the one thing that sets Lima apart from all the other cities I’ve been to in the developing world, are the dirt hillsides covered with brightly colored homes.

To get to our first Compassion project, we had to drive up a steep sandy mountainside. The landscape is so dry and dusty, it’s hard to find one thing that is beautiful about the dirt covered hills. But, as we drove through the neighborhood, there stood Cristo Via Student Center. A Compassion center housed in a church nestled right inside a community of great need. We were welcomed by cheering mothers and their babies waving Peruvian flags. They were beautiful.

One of the most powerful moments of the day, was when we had the chance to visit the home of one of the Child Survival Program moms. Her name is Lily. She lives in a tiny three room house with two of her young children. Lily shared with us how in the past year, her husband was falsely arrested and is now in jail. As she was battling how she was going to provide for her family, Lily had one of her relatives watch her children while she went to visit her husband in jail.  While she was gone, her one year old daughter’s foot was scalded by boiling water. Lily shared with tear filled eyes how she felt so hopeless and had no idea where to turn. Because Lily’s 2-year-old son was in the Compassion program, the local church sprang into action and helped get her baby to medical care. The baby’s foot will forever be scared, but she was saved from infection and permanent damage.

It’s hard to really comprehend the fragility of life in the developing world. Any child getting burned is a horrible and unthinkable thing, but when you live an hour and a half from the nearest medical clinic and have no means to even think about taking your child to the doctor, it’s beyond overwhelming.

The beauty of Compassion working through the local church, is not only they strive to meet the physical needs around them, but they share the love of Christ. Lilly never went to church before her she endeared the Compassion program. Now, they are her lifeline and she turns to them for support.

Here are a few photos from our day in Lima.

This is Lilly and her two children.

You can bring the beauty of Christ to a child living in poverty.
Click on the image to start sponsoring a child today.


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